Australia Day

Trying to make the day as Australian as possible, we started the day with Vegemite toast.

Then we stowed everything on Pacha and took her out for a sail. We are quite excited about her new dodger, which allows almost unhindered vision of the foredeck, though it makes winching a little more complex, but we had devised a great system at the end of the day.

Because three of the four crew were new to Sydney and sailing on Pacha, we went past the Opera House and underneath the Harbor Bridge – luckily, it was quite early in the morning and we could beat the crowds.

We then made our way through the Sydney Heads and finally had enough wind to put the sails up. We had a lovely wind off the starboard bow and spent some time practicing reefing, tacking, and at the helm. The steering is so smooth that it’s a pleasure to be on Pacha’s helm! Before we knew it, the Australian coast had disappeared from sight and we were 15 nm offshore.

We returned to Sydney on a downwind course, surrounded by sea birds and common dolphins, which we didn’t quite manage to capture on camera.

The CYCA, the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, was decorated for the special day (and very crowded). Here is the New Zealand crew at the end of the day, listening to Men at Work and enjoying an ice cold lager.

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