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  1. Lorraine Streat July 31, 2019 — 11:20 am

    In 2016, Phil and I made an east to west transatlantic crossing aboard our 54’ french aluminum centerboard yacht. Mike Seargent joined us for 7 weeks for the preparations and crossing. He was and still is one of the best sailers that we have come across in our many, many years of cruising. Mike brings to the table not only his enthusiasm for sailing and the sport but he is a wiz with electronics, able in any situation, will be the best person for the impossible task, respectful to all and a lot of fun. We plan a trip in 2020 to Greenland and we hope to lure Mike away from his beautiful Pacha to join us for this high latitude adventure!
    Thanks again, Mike!
    Lorraine & Phil Streat
    S/Y Far

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    1. Always welcome Lorraine! The trip on Far will always remain with me. It was the essence of sailing. A discovery of each other and the human spirit. It’s all that counts. Fair winds and Greenland here we come! Rgds, Mike


  2. I sailed with Mike in early 2019 from Auckland to Sydney on the legendary Pacha. It was a fantastic experience I’ll never forget. Mike was always calm, knowledgeable and capable in all situations – and a lot of fun to sail with. Certainly helped me feel confident for my upcoming Yachtmaster exam, and I would sail with him again in a heartbeat.
    Looking forward to trying a longer crossing next time!

    Thanks again,

    Scott Eden

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  3. I had the good fortune of sailing along the east coast of Australia from Sydney to Southport with Mike and a crew of larrikins on Pacha in late 2018. An excellent adventure with Mike who is a very capable and fastidious sailor. What a great experience – great crew – a fun captain – an incredible yacht = priceless. Looking forward to picking up a spot along the way during the 2019/2020 crossing. ✌️

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    1. That trip was a hoot. Will never be forgotten. First sail of Pacha offshore and some first time offshorers on-board. Larrikins indeed. You’re welcome to join us again anytime.


  4. I had the pleasure to cross the Atlantic together with Mike on Phil and Lorraines yacht „FAR“ in 2016. It is hard to find a crewmate like him. Reliable, capable sailor and fun mate. He also did an incredible (for me as a dummy) computer job, so we always had a picture where the rest of the ARC Fleet was. Not to forget his fishing and fliletting skills :). Also after the Atlantic crossing we had a good time anhöre. I bought my HR 40 „Anna“ shortly afterwards, and if ever I need a crew to get her somewhere, Mike would be the first guy I think of. Good luck with Pacha, always fair winds und immer eine Handbreit Wasser unterm Kiel!

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    1. Thanks Holger! Sailing with you was a great pleasure for me. We had a lot of good times that I will always remember fondly. There’s nothing quite like listening to an ex 747 pilot operate a HF radio! Truely professional. You’re pretty good with a rod and reel too. Not to mention your boating skills. Fair winds and see you on the high seas!


  5. I sailed with Mike ‘Sarge’ Sergeant after an intro from a mutual friend. It’s no small thing to spend a couple of weeks sailing offshore on a yacht with someone you don’t know. But our mutual friend who knew us both well just smiled and said ‘you two will get along just fine’. And we did!
    I joined Mike and Pacha in Mackay and we headed north enjoying constant south-east winds through the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, stopping at Cairns and Lizard Island on the way to Thursday Island then crossing the Gulf to Darwin. Incredible sailing.
    Mike knows his stuff. I learned a lot in those two weeks and am a much better sailor and helmsman having had the pleasure to sail with him. And it was a pleasure – I’d sail with Mike again in a heartbeat!
    Mike’s only weakness seems to be an inability to roll a functional cigarette despite patient guidance. Something to work on mate. 😉
    Fair winds Mike. I look forward to seeing you (and sailing with you) when you make it to the ‘Med.

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