Sydney, Australia to Europe

The crew of Pacha is happy to have you onboard for her epic journey from Australia to The Mediterranean!

Preparation and planning is in full effect for the next leg of Pacha’s journey back to Europe and the Mediterranean. The route will see us travel to the north of Australia via Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef to Darwin then west to Ashmore Reef, then the Cocos and Keeling Islands then crossing the Indian Ocean to Mauritius, La Reunion, then on to Richards Bay in South Africa. From Richards Bay we’ll sail to Capetown then on to St Helena, The Cape Verde Islands, The Canary Islands, Gibraltar then into the Mediterranean. Our intention is to eventually return with Pacha to the place where she was conceived in Southampton in the UK. To at some point in time compete in some of the races she competed in for France in 1969 (Fastnet) and also to visit the French coastline from where her original owner (Francis Bouygues) conceived her.

If you are interested in our journey as a sponsor, from a media or film perspective or to join as crew or guest please use the contact form to contact us. Detailed information on each leg and how to join is available on our cruising page.

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4 thoughts on “Sydney, Australia to Europe

  1. wondering where you have gotten to – watched enviously in Sydney as you took ownership. Now back in Europe and wondering how you fared since the summer – last blog was May – last tracker was August


    1. Pacha Sailing June 3, 2021 — 7:12 pm

      Hi Adam! Not sure if I replied to you before now but thanks for your comment. Pacha is now in Dakar! We left Ascension on the 3 May and headed to Guinea Bissau before heading here. Cape Verde is our next stop which is about 4 days sail. From there to the Azores and into the Med for a bit. Stay in touch. I’ll update my website in the next day or so. I spend 15 months on Ascension avoiding Covid! Now it’s time to live again! Regards and all the best! Mike


      1. Hey Mike. Did you make it to the Mediterranean?
        Would be great to get an update. I have been sharing your progress with my brother who survived (just) the infamous Fastnet aboard a Nicholson 55!!


      2. Hi Adam! We are current in Lagos, Portugal. So just outside the Med. On the hard at the moment doing antifouling and prep work for next season. What Nic55 was your brother on and what year did he do the Fastnet? Regards, MikeSent from my Huawei phone


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