Ascension Island

Shipwrecked (well not quite!) on Ascension Island. Pacha has been at anchor on Ascension Island since the 17 March due to the Covid virus outbreak. All ports north are closed to private yachts as at 20.05.2020. I have been here for coming up to 10 weeks watching the death toll from the virus grow from about 15’000 in this time to over 300’000. There is no virus on the island and all is well apart from the fact the my crew has been repatriated to their home countries, leaving me to hopefully find crew to join me from South Africa or single handing to the Cape Verdes (when they open) and on to the Canaries. I will wait until ports north start opening up and then decide when to set sail again. In the mean time I am enjoying this beautiful island and all it has to offer. Very friendly people, no virus, a couple of pubs and supermarkets and sensational fishing. I will add to this blog during the coming weeks to keep you up to speed on what Pacha and myself are up to.

Carpe Diem.


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